Steampunk Overload

Oh how I love these steam punk pieces from Shesellsseashellsuk they’re so brilliant to use. I have so many ideas for future projects with these, but here’s a little taster to be going on with….hope you all love them as much as I do 💋



First pictorial

My very first pictorial using Barry m prickly pear & acrylic paints, I hope you all like it & try it out….the best way I find to getting straight lines is to put the tip of your stripping brush onto your nail & start to lie the brush flat while you drag it down your nail…I get wobbly lines if I hesitate but if I do it quickly I produce straight lines….enjoy & have fun!


Under the influence

Inspiration hits us all at the strangest of times….I don’t have a drink very often but I couldn’t refuse a couple of Green Label Jack Daniels from my son, if you haven’t tried this, hell you’re missing out! Firstly with coke, then neat….I think a third glass would of had me talking jibbedish & painting faces instead of nails!
The problem I have is that when I get a bit of inspiration I have to go off and create something, when I take notes & have a to do list (which of course I do) & it’s huge…I always feel like something’s missing…so this mani was by no means my (latest stay up & do) but it was my first under the influence….I’m thinking I may need to indulge in JD more often….Cheers


Ig nailart challenges

I love doing these challenges, they’re a great way to practice your nail art, different themes on different dates & off you go to create something beautiful….there’s some really beautiful understated nail artists out there, you should go check them out! I was very pleased with myself last month, the first one I’ve managed to complete since the summer,



These are just a few from #nailartjan

My fav shades

Anyone who knows me will know my fav nail colour is orange so it goes without saying that any variation of that I fall in love with…this is Barry M Gelly in Papaya topped & trimmed with a delicious looking Sinful Color named UFO….hope you guys love this as much as I do….mwaaah.


Black & white

I love this mani & it was so easy to do but looks so effective….apply your gradient, once dry & using the same colours apply stripes to you nails & ta dah…all done, add your top coat of choice, hmmm maybe I’ll try it matte next.